What would your life look like if your dreams do come true?

I believe  virtual smiles and positive thoughts along with persistence can take people to the places they are dreaming about… my memories are my dreams. Wait. Actually my dreams are my memories. Hmm. Sounds confusing but it works!

Mihai Leontescu Memories (MLM)

I guess I never wanted or thought I would write a blog one day, it all started with a course project at my university where instead of writing an exam (as “normal” students do) we had to write blog posts about different topics, which the teacher later read and graded us. I finished the course and decided to continue writing, not about everything I do, but about the cool things I do (but to be honest, that’s everything I do). I have to agree that now when I look back when I first started talking about this project of mine, I didnt really know how to pursue it, I may have been overconfident and sometimes not knowing what i am talking about, but I totally believed in it from the beginning, and I still do). That is what this blog is about! It is about a dream that i want to pursue.
I will always recall the way Napolen Hill presented in his book “Think and grow rich”, that envisioning your dreams, living them as they are real, will take you closer to actually creating that vision into reality, with hard work and persistence and at times, possibly a therapist too.
I guess some may say there is a fine line between being a visionary and madness. But I believe that every great innovation started with an idea, a dream, a person visualing the future, thinking about how would reality actually look like if this or that dream will come true.. then of course, the hard part that many give up on is working up towards that vision, creating it bit by bit, developing it into new forms and shapes. A century ago when people were thinking or talking about how it would actually be like to be able to fly, many would look strangely and think that “flying machines” are just a lunatic’s imagination. Well, we do fly now. We also talk on the phone (when we don’t skype).


This is why you will see a lot on my blog the word memories!

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