Right after leaving Jönköping and Sweden to spend Christmas at home, I got accepted for a 3 month internship at IKEA in Romania as part of my last semester of studies. This was possible thanks to one terrific study counselor at my university who agreed for me to board on this opportunity at the same time as writing my master thesis, which was double as demanding in terms of expectations and school credits. Both dealt with quite different subjects, and turned out to pay off. My internship tutor was happy with the final report, matter of fact, pointed on the fact that the internship was fully self-organized and “credits ought to be given for that”. Plus, the experience of being part of an organisation such as IKEA was the main learning outcome for me since I haven’t had this chance before to feel the professional atmosphere from inside a multinational. The way to and from IKEA was never easy, since I was “relying” on public transport and most often ended up hitch hiking at -15C, but this day, I made it!


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