IBC P7 Entrepreneurial self revisited

Part of the IBC course:
Time has come to look back at our two month entrepreneurial journey and summarise what we have learned during this time, what we consider now differently than two months ago and how we are to continue from now on…

Yes, I did learn quite a lot during this two month period. One thing was to be able to understand the question why study entrepreneurship? And why not actually act upon entrepreneurship? Well, the answer lays in the definition of education itself. If I may refer to one of the comments I posted on a friend’s blog…
My initial thought when starting this course was why study all these definitions and trials to group entrepreneurial journeys into clusters and patterns when they are all unique in my opinion. Education, including our own, is based on research, definitions, clusters, patterns and all these written articles in order for us, students, to grasp some small parts of what defines entrepreneurship. And this is why I believe research, definitions etc about creativity, entrepreneurship and other subjects are important for our education. I wouldn’t have known about Entrepreneurship if it were not for JIBS and for the IBS course and I would probably not be here where I am today in my entrepreneurial journey if it were not for our teachers, both Leona and Bengt, our IBC classmates and their interesting views or if it were not for this blog, for all the presentations, pitching ideas, guest lectures and group works, all related to my entrepreneurial journey.
However, I stand strong on my initial and probably unconventional argument that I am here to create my own journey and that is my one and only goal. All I have done so far, group works, interaction with fellow students and teachers, extra curricular projects, the Erasmus House project have all been part of my entrepreneurial journey and trial to demonstrate that what I want is actually possible. I believe nothing is impossible, it just might take longer time. Genuine desire and passion towards whatever you want to achieve are the most important traits to creating a full capacity of building upon a dream!
Another learned lesson from this course:
You need patience and persistence!

With all this in mind, I would just want to say that it’s been a pleasure to work with all of you and quite a journey for myself during this two month period. I hope each of you has learned something from these experiences and wish you all the best!


Do create yourselves great journeys and great lives!
Sincerely yours,
P.S: The blogging journey will continue with new and exciting trials for the Erasmus House project.

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