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Exploring patterns of thought…

It’s been long since the human mind had actually began to try to understand what is happening within itself. Psychologists all over the world introduced new theories, in their attempts to grasp the human mind, its thoughts and their origins. Therein, creativity and its sources. Have they succeeded? I believe no one will ever comprehend the complex puzzle the human mind captures, as it continually evolves being influenced by the constant changing environment. However, patterns do occur in our minds, and they are equally interesting to be discussed.

Edward de Bono (1995) introduces the lateral thinking theory and suggests that creativity is an unnatural process. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts regarding entrepreneurship and my self-perception, I argued that the more often you step outside of your comfort zone, the more you learn and become aware of different aspects within yourself, your mind including. Creativity applies to this theory as well. The more you experience life, for example living abroad, in different countries and cultures, the more you learn to deal with change, the more adaptable you become and more solution-based resources you attain. Creativity is triggered by all these new attempts to enlarge your experience, in any field.
De Bono (1995) suggests one practical way to foster creativity as explained in the lateral thinking theory. Imagining we hold six hats, each of different colour, each representing different type of a thinking pattern. One wears the yellow hat when tries to find logical positive thinking, benefits for one idea. The black hat on the other hand, represents the logical negative thinking and is opposite to the yellow hat. The green hat however, brings in the creative part of the human mind, and tries to find provocations, alternatives, solutions to an idea. The red hat represents emotions, initial intuition and feelings. When trying to see the different sides of an idea or any type of situation, I believe it is interesting to play the different roles of the hat wearer as supported by the different colours. This blog, as you might have already experienced, acts mainly upon the three colours of Guinea’s flag, the country of diamants. Diamants that await to be discovered and that can reflect all sorts of colours depending on who finds them.
Creativity needs practice. Innovation needs creativity. Entrepreneurship needs innovation.
“Serious Creativity”, Journal for Quality and Participation (Edward de Bono, 1995)
Written by ML Memories (2010)

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