IBC P1 About me. The entrepreneurial self

My name is Mihai Leontescu, I am a 22-year old master student in Strategic Entrepreneurship at Jönköping International Business School (JIBS), Sweden and I’m here, writing on this blog, for two reasons:

  1. First, as part of the Introduction to Business Creation course that I am currently involved with, I need to write a blog related to the field of Entrepreneurship.
  2. The posts published on this blog will be mainly related to a business idea that I currently hold and that I want to develop further through different sorts of endeavours, such as this one.
As a JIBS student, I can say I have a genuinely international background. I was born and raised in Romania. At the age of 18 I decided to pursue my studies in Sweden, right after I finished highschool. I chose Sweden because I love snow. Also possibly because at that time I was slightly rebellious and wanted to prove I can handle my youthful energy on my own. All my other classmates were eager to start their studies in more “traditional” countries such as UK or US but not me. I wanted to explore Scandinavia.
In 2007, I started my studies in Business and IT Management and since then I have been involved in the most exciting experiences of my life, so far. In 2009, I went to France and studied one semester at ESC Grenoble with an Erasmus scholarship. Also, in 2009 I went to Hong Kong to study another semester abroad at City University of Hong Kong College of Business. I believe in the importance of cultural awareness, mobility and youth empowerment and would like to dedicate my energy to translate my beliefs into concrete actions. A borderless lifestyle is my everyday mission.

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