Erasmus House at RIUF Bucharest

I was in Bucharest for a while during march and RIUF was in town. RIUF is the Romanian International University Fair where around 100 universities from around Europe seek Romanian brilliant minds to recruit. So, I went there to talk about Erasmus House. I was really curious what they have to say about the project idea.

All of the students at the event were interested in finding opportunities abroad, either studies, trainings or simply, living abroad. Even more, students agreed that Erasmus should be more accessible to students during their studies and some even preferred to study abroad for an exchange already in highschool.
One student said that “exchange experiences are good because students can experiment other cultures before actually moving abroad for a longer period of time. Therefore, these short-term exchange experiences contribute to the decision of whether to study or move abroad or not.”
The best part of the day was hearing some students say ”what a cool project” or “sounds like a good idea” while leaving and looking at the business card.
Erasmus House business cards for the RIUF 2011

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