Vom încărunți cu toții, într-un final, dar o putem face, împreună, mult mai târziu!

Decembrie 2013. Câteva sute de protestatari în Piața Universității. Am fi putut fi mai mulți. Oare am încărunțit cu toții? În urma modificării Codului Penal și a promovării legii amnistiei de către politicienii useliști din Parlamentul României am decis să-mi dedic un gram din timpul meu pe acest pământ și o reprezentare creativă a ceea ce […]

IKEA Internship 2012

Right after leaving Jönköping and Sweden to spend Christmas at home, I got accepted for a 3 month internship at IKEA in Romania as part of my last semester of studies. This was possible thanks to one terrific study counselor at my university who agreed for me to board on this opportunity at the same […]

JIBS United 2011

JIBS United is a voluntary project that I worked on during my first year of my master program (at my university in Sweden). I was involved in my school’s student association and was elected to coordinate the communication committee and effectively, the university magazine, JIBS United. Overall, it was an interesting and fun experience but […]

European social paralysis

Following my experiences studying and working in different European countries I conceptualized a theory named “social paralysis” that builds up the foundation of many of my (ad)ventures. Social paralysis intervenes when widely generalized stereotypes diminish a person’s individual capacity to make rationale, just and impartial decisions. Social paralysis can be described when one individual has […]

IBC P5 Writing a Business Plan

Part of the IBC course: “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable” (Guy Kawasaki, 2004). When one prepares to take action towards a new business idea, planning is inevitable. Vision of the desired future is part of the plan, otherwise, there will be no motivation to […]